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About Us


As a grassroots organization, Earlybird Alliance is a community that provides youth services and parental support in the battle against early use, addiction, and overdose of drugs.


What We Do


Earlybird Alliance strives to address youth substance misuse through early information, advocacy, and support for parents and guardians, before they reach the crisis point.



Spread awareness of drug danger so parents/caregivers can educate themselves in order to teach children to stand strong against drugs.



All parents and children are fully aware of drug dangers, and are actively working to prevent and address underage drug misuse by spreading awareness and calling out potential misuse when applicable.


Sometimes tragedy gives birth to goodness. We call it hope. That is something that we never give up on.

In early fall 2019, three bright 16-year-old boys from the Seattle area lost their lives to an accidental overdose on fentanyl.

Those events happened on different days, under different circumstances, but stirred our community to rise up and commit to doing everything possible to prevent another tragedy.

It helped children and parents to open up about struggles with mental health. It surfaced parents’ need for education on fentanyl and for continued awareness of the potential availability of drugs to our youth.

Parents needed guidance and support on how to address the subject with their kids.

Parents and community leaders impacted by the death of youth decided to create a non-profit organization with a mission to raise awareness of teen drug misuse. Earlybird Alliance was founded by Olga Davidov-Beirer and Holly McIntyre supported by secretary Ronda Chin and board members Deanna Trencher and Rachel Rowland. It got incorporated with WA state in May 2020 and got its tax-exempt status in August of the same year.

From the very beginning, Earlybird found great support among the local community. Everyone wanted to help. Outmark, a local marketing agency in Issaquah, stepped in to name the organization, build the brand, and develop its website.

Earlybird Alliance created a Facebook profile in May of 2020, making regular posts and gaining 258 followers as of May 2022.

A year later, in August 2021, Earlybird Alliance created an Instagram account and gained 50 followers as of May 2022.

Around the same time, Earlybird Alliance established a LinkedIn account, which promotes recruiting opportunities for our organization and partners.

In May 2021, Earlybird Alliance was involved in a drug awareness event in Gibson School. During COVID times, Earlybird Alliance operated mainly through Facebook and Instagram. Now coming out of COVID, Earlybird Alliance is planning to expand its volunteer base, which will allow it to potentially:

  • Partner with local school’s PTAs to run programs like Red Ribbon Week, etc.
  • Launch a monthly newsletter to its followers with up-to-date information on teens and substances
  • Develop informational YouTube content
  • Begin running on-demand speaking sessions
  • Continue collecting a list of community needs that Earlybird could support
  • Keep our teens mentally strong and drug-free

Leadership Team

Olga Davidov-Beirer
President and Co-Founder

Holly McIntyre

Alex Fu

Ronda Chin
Board Member

Deanna Trencher
Board Member

Elena Losik
Board Member

Our marketing partner

Earlybird would like to recognize our friends at Outsource Marketing for their work on the development of our name, brand, website, and marketing communications.

Make An Impact at Your Next Event
With an Earlybird Speaker

From community events to school assemblies or workshops, Earlybird Alliance is at your fingertips to speak with youth about the impact of substance abuse and prevention. Follow the contact form below to request an Earlybird Alliance speaker.